Before And After

On the ground in the snow before. 

Now off the ground and out of the

snow with bigger run after.

After Rehab

So you bought a coop online and it 

came in a cardboard box?     


Coops that come in a box are for small chickens like bantams and

small birds like quail. Coops like this are designed for places like

Florida and Texas. 

In northern NJ we get heavy winds, rain, ice, and snow storms,

very cold temperatures, and we have large predators.

But not all is lost. I can fix it. 

Coops From China Rehab Before - Coop In A Box



Fully Enclosed

Steel 1/2 x 1/2  -  Hardware Cloth

China Coop Rehap


AFTER REHAB - New 25 year slate roof. New hardware, with steel 1/2 x 1/2 hardware cloth.

Coop and run painted with Deck Over Paint. New 32 sqft Run addition with entry door.

All built on a 4" pressure treated platform base.


Located In Northern NJ - Home of "The Chicken Man"

Chicken Man Hot Line

Have Chicken Problems?  Call  "The Chicken Man"  201-220-4862
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