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Fresh Eggs For Sale

$3.50 dozen

Fertile Quail Eggs 

For Sale $8 dozen

Fresh Hay

Pigeons / Pheasants

Rabbit Boarding 

E3 Farm

FOR SALE:  Eggs - Hay - Rabbits

Quail - Chickens - Pigeons - Pheasants

Owner Max Evans:  201...572...0595

maxwellevans146    @
Boonton New Jersey

We are a small homestead/business that provides several products

and services all year around for farmers and residents in NJ/PA/NY.

Services we provide:
-Male Rabbit stud service
-Rabbit boarding
-Small animal/livestock transport & delivery
-On sight poultry/game bird processing
-Predator & varment control/disposal
-Egg incubation service (Small quantities only)
Available for purchase:
-Fertile Coturnix Quail Eggs $8 per dozen
-Fresh Chicken Eggs $3.50 per dozen
-Rabbits (bunnies & adults) prices range from $25-$60 depending on breed and age.
-Chicken chicks 4 weeks old and younger (spring & summer only)
-Coturnix Quail chicks (all year round) $3.00 - $66.00 depending on color strain
-Adult Coturnix Quai (all year round) $10 per bird, discounts on large quantities
-Fresh hay for rabbits (sold by the bag)
-Pigeons, Pheasants & laying chicks also available upon request with at least 1 week prior notice

Chickens For Sale