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Walk in run is build sturdy with all weather wood, no warping or rotting. Run is fully enclosed. Predator proof fencing is hardware cloth 1/2 inch mesh galvanized steel. Run comes with hinged door for easy

feeding & cleaning.

Run comes with outside roosts so chickens can get off the wet & cold ground. Coop and run are

designed light in weight for easy moving . With just 2 adults coop & run can be moved around

the yard.

The hazel - Coop & Run

Any Questions Please Call Chicken Hot Line: 201-220-4862

Backyard Chicken Space Two & Ten Rule Of Thumb:
Recommend 2 sqft per hen inside coop & 10 sqft per hen outside for chicken run. More run the better.

Coop Dimensions: Floor Plan 48" x 48". Height 6'.  Floor Plan 16 sqft.

The Hazel 16 custom coop holds up to 8 hens comfortably. Coop was designed on Big Dog Farm in Pompton Plains NJ by local backyard chicken expert Victor Alfieri in 2014. Coops unique features cater to the hen and the owner a like.  

Coop was specifically designed for our northeast

urban backyard settings. Built strong and durable

to withstand our harsh northeast winters. 

Easy to clean, easy to move.

All weather base is 2 feet high to keep the coop out of

the snow.  Coop comes with a large "easy on the back"

entry door for feeding & easy cleaning. Coop has 2

large laying  boxes with outside access for fresh

egg harvest. 

The roof is Royal Sovereign 3-tab shingles with a

25-year warranty. Coop and run are painted with a

color of your choice.

Add On's Available 

Have Chicken Problems?  Call  "The Chicken Man"  201-220-4862
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